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Who Should Do the Countdown?
Everyone and Anyone - That's YOU!
If you want to know what your body would be like at its BEST
'I've lost 18 pounds and just ran my easiest 4 miles." - HT
If you aren't comfortable with your body weight or body fat
"52 days later I have made some great eating, thinking and exercise changes that have enabled me to lose almost 20 pounds. I feel really confident that I will be able to keep it off, too! Losing the weight has really helped my quirky back feel better." - MB
If you feel out of control when it comes to eating
"This book made me realize my real problem was sugar! I did the Countdown with a group of 7, including my husband. After 52 days, my husband and I lost 30 pounds combined." - JT
If you want to be more agile, fit and strong
"Being a part of the 52 day Countdown has put fun and challenges back into my workout. It has helped me venture out to new exercises and I use heavier weights - now I actually get sad when I can't make it to a spin class. Just having to check off the 5,4,3,2,1 was a challenge that motivated me to do my best. I plan on continuing to use what I have learned from the Countdown to keep myself on track." - NJ
If you are heading down the path of increasing medications, doctor's visits, and bills
"I just read the results of my annual health screening that shows my blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI. Each year my numbers go up. I was thrilled to see all numbers this year are down below where they were 5 years ago! I feel 10 years younger. Cheers to healthy eating!!!" - CD
If you would like accountability and support to reach your Best Body goals.
"I can't say enough. The 52 day Countdown is an introduction to a new way of living. Health harmony to life!" - RR